This is a fun and beneficial event for the community, and to ensure that we’re able to keep growing and adding to the impact we make on our charitable efforts, we ask that all involved familiarize themselves with the information here. It is our core goal to be a good “citizen” to the fan community, the neighbors along our route, and Nashville as a whole. PLEASE REVIEW OUR GUIDELINES PAGE TO FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH OUR RULES.



You! The Nashville Zombie Walk is an annual tradition, in which a large group of people dress up as zombies, come together as a group to help the hungry, and walk the streets of downtown Nashville as one, undead mob. It’s FREE and all ages are welcome.


Just dress-up as a zombie (or survivor) and act the part. You don’t have to be a professional actor, cosplayer, or master make-up artist. It’s close enough to Halloween to find all the supplies you’ll need at almost any store. Be sure to register for the event, using provided links on this site and social media. We do this to measure our group size, plan ahead, and to help give info to the sponsors who keep this event free. (We will not sell your email address and personal info. We share statistics only, and communications are focussed on our own events among the producing partners.)


Fun? That’s a big reason. It’s time to be festive for the season! However, we will be collecting non-perishable food items for donation to Second Harvest of Middle Tennessee. Bring as many food items as you can carry, we will take them from there (you won’t have to walk with them).


The walk is held annually. The date changes yearly, but always around Halloween. Typically, this is an afternoon event, leaving the evening open to the official After-Party and other festivities in Nashville.