We’re lucky to have a city so accepting of so many off-the-wall pastimes. Let’s all work together to follow these basic rules of the Walk.

1) If you DON’T OWN IT, please DO NOT TOUCH IT.
Keep bloody hands under control, please. People are trying to enjoy the day or make a living and bloody hand/face prints on windows, walls, doors and vehicles can not only be a nuisance but an expensive mess to be cleaned up. We ask that you keep all elements of costumes on your person, and that you not leave bloody messes, uninvited hand-prints, etc. in our wake. Please follow the best practices for makeup and effects that are easily cleaned. More info here.

2) Play ONLY with other participants and friends.
Only interact with other event participants and those who have invited your attention or sought out to participate. If they want in on the fun, they’ll join in. Otherwise, leave them alone.

3) Be mindful of our city as a valued asset.
Respect the city, public spaces, and officials as well as private business owners and visitors. We’re here to have fun but we are sharing the space and want to be good neighbors to the businesses and people we encounter. Also, be sure to clean up any mess and litter you might make.

4) Don’t play in traffic!
During events where we have the street closed, there will be no traffic. Otherwise, handle pedestrian routes like you normally would. Obey all crosswalks, signs, signals and officials along the route. They’re out there for your safety as well as the safety of everyone else walking and driving through town.

5) Be cool to each other.
Anyone inciting violence, vandalism, or hate will be asked to leave. This is a family-friendly and charity-supporting event and we expect all participants to be respectful of one another as well as anyone they may encounter during the walk.

5-b) Don’t use the Zombie Walk as a cover or excuse to harass or assault anyone for any reason, especially unwanted sexual advances or harassment. We won’t tolerate it. As Negan said, we will “shut that sh*t down…”

6) No weapons. At least not real ones.
Any “weapons” brought as props (either lodged in a zombie or carried by zombie hunters) must be clearly marked as props, and we strongly suggest you do not alter orange-tips or other recognized safety measures for toy guns. PLEASE DO NOT BRING OR USE ACTUAL WEAPONS OR LOADED FIREARMS AS PROPS. Anyone exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights during this event is solely responsible for familiarizing themselves with all applicable Federal and State laws and Municipal Codes as well as firearms safety prior to coming out.


The Nashville Zombie Walk is not responsible for negligence on the part of participants. Your participation in this event is at your own risk. Neither the event organizers, event sponsors, nor the city of Nashville (Metropolitan Nashville/Davidson County) will be held liable for any damages, injuries, criminal misbehavior or losses suffered by participants. Any criminal activity by or against participants will be reported immediately to the Metro-Nashville Police Department.