2017 WALK

The dead (and the Nashville Zombie Walk) have risen. Join us!


October 28th 2017. We will gather at 3:30pm for a group photo and then haunt Marathon Village as we shamble to our “terminus” at about 4pm – Marathon Music Works Vestibule, for the ZOMBIEFEST party!

2017 ROUTE

This year’s walk route will be revisited in 2018. Please join us for a consolidated event at Marathon Village.


A variety of parking is available around Marathon Village. Some parking will be paid, and some is free. You will have best selection, the earlier you arrive.


Snap some great pics. Marathon Village boasts some super-cool spots for great zombie shots! Head to the rear of the complex for some antique post-apocalyptic settings. Explore the common area outside Corsair Distillery to find the water tower. Get high-angle poses from the variety of docks and platforms. Explore the stripped-down house at Clinton and 14th. The list of possibilities is vast!


FREE: Exclusive undead engagement! After the group photo and roaming herd, join us at MARATHON MUSIC WORKS! Enjoy drink specials, photo booth live music, and makeup booth!  Grab an optional ticket for the Paranormal Rocktivity show and stick around for some funk from beyond the tomb by Here Come the Mummies and a DJ set from DJ Johny Jackson’s Ghoul Satisfaction.