2018 WALK


OCTOBER 21ST, 2018, Gather @ 3pm, Walk @ 4pm. We will gather at for a group photo and then shamble to our “terminus.” and from there, we will infest the official Nashville Zombie Walk Afterparty at ROCK BOTTOM BREWERY!

2018 ROUTE

We gather at Public Square Park, then proceed down the stairs and across Gay St, hearing right, and shambling down the Riverfront to the green behind Ascend Amphitheater. We disperse from there, and hope you’ll head to the OFFICIAL AFTER PARTY with us, at Rock Bottom Brewery! The map below has full route details and related attractions.


A variety of parking is available in the Downtown Nashville area. Some parking will be paid, and meters are free since it’s a Sunday! You will also find various free spaces that are always unmetered. Under the Public Square is a very convenient garage as well. You will have best selection, the earlier you arrive. Please use care when doing last-minute costume prep in any garage, and leave the space as clean as you found it!


Snap some great pics. Our city boasts some super-cool spots for great zombie shots! Check the map below for some suggested locations!

2018 Walk Map